There’s no one right way to be sustainable but it’s essential to be transparent and honest because sustainability is complex. Are we perfect? No, but we invite you to join us as we learn and innovate.

Clean & Non-Toxic

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Sustainable Products & Packaging

our journey towards circularity

Clean. Sustainable. Transparent. We’re giving you a peek behind the velvet & shimmering curtain to show you what it means.

Thoughtful Use of Raw Materials
Everything that goes into Pley Beauty products is thoughtfully sourced to ensure we help keep the planet a healthy place for everyone. We have an extensive Made Without list where we avoid over 1,350+ questionable ingredients to keep our bodies and the planet safe.
Packaging with Purpose
Here’s the thing: when it comes to beauty packaging, 95% of it is thrown out after just one use. We're transparent right on the pack. Every product includes the percentage of post-consumer recycled plastic or paper used to create it plus clear instructions on how to recycle the packaging when done.
Smart Manufacturing & Distribution
You can have the cleanest, most sustainable product in the world, but if people are not treated fairly, it doesn't mean a thing. Nearly 21 million people are victims of forced labor so when it comes to ethical practices, we don’t play around. Products are made responsibly in the USA, Italy & Germany.
End of Use Vision
We partnered with the worlds most sustainable shipping solutions ecoenclose. Our shipper is made from 100% recycled content, is curbside recyclable, printed with algae ink AND is naturally biodegradable! Shipping materials include tape, ecowrap + shipper box. What about your favorite Pley product component + boxes? Check our recycling guide for instructions.
the Sueño Azul Project

Pley Beauty is plastic neutral. We calculate the amount of plastic we use in every single product and then remove an equal or greater amount out from the environment.

To offset our impact, we partnered with rePurpose Global to take our commitment to plastic-neutrality further through the Sueño Azul Project in Bogotá, Colombia. Here, plastic is removed from the environment by individual waste collectors. The plastic collected is transformed into eco-wood to build furniture, playgrounds, and housing in Bogotá, empowering the local community by generating revenue while reducing waste.

less waste. more transparency. better practices.
we bring sustainability into every decision we make

Pley Beauty founder, Peyton List, wanted to push boundaries and build a clean beauty brand through the lens of sustainability without compromising on performance. We’re all about less waste, more transparency, and better practices by using recycled packaging, clean ingredients, plastic neutrality, and more!

What’s Next?
Our future vision includes takebacks (reverse logistics of product once it's finished being used), subscriptions, carbon neutrality and that's just the start. We envision a future where every product is a keepsake and formulas are refilled.
What Would You Like to See?
We're on a journey to make the planet a healthier place for all of us. Which sustainable practices would you like to see next?
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