a bolder, more playful side of clean beauty

Our products are cruelty-free, sustainable, and made with ingredients that love your skin back. With a range of vibrant, high-performing pigments, this is clean beauty with a big impact.

a note from Peyton

Peek behind the shimmering curtain on why she created Pley Beauty.

I created Pley Beauty because I couldn’t find a range of clean products that were also high-impact and fun to use.

I have super sensitive skin, so I care a lot about gentle, natural ingredients—but I don’t shy away from color, either. All of the high-performing beauty products seemed to do a number on my skin. But of all of the gentle alternatives that I tried, none had the right “pop” of color I was after.

This line was such a labor of love. I’m so proud of every formula, every shade. Even the packaging—we used recycled materials throughout and are certified as a plastic neutral brand.

I hope these products inspire you to play with your own beauty look while staying kind to your skin and the planet.

love your skin

love the planet

Made with ingredients that love your skin back. We banish nearly 1350+ potentially harmful ingredients.

Plus, sustainable packaging, cruelty-free formulas & plastic neutrality help create beauty with a conscience.

pley in the wild.