The one everyone loves. Classic. Iconic. Eternally Photogenic. 

Let’s face it: we all love classic neutral shadows. Why? Because you can never have enough and you can never get bored of it. It’s a part of your daily ritual! With Pleyer Palette in “Nudie”, we’ve combined all the shades you love and adore (plus a lil more) in one iconic palette!

Founder Peyton List shows us how she channels her inner Nudie. Watch and learn how to achieve this soft, glam eye look featuring Pleyer Palette in “Nudie”.

Get The Look:
Step 1:
Apply shade “Panty Hose” to the crease starting with the outer corner of the eye.
Step 2:
Continue to blend "Panty Hose" into the crease working towards the inner corner of the eye.
Step 3:
Next, apply shade “Bronzed” to the center of the lid. This creates added dimension!
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Step 4:
Apply Let it Linger in shade "Firewood" to the lower lash line. Apply using short, smooth strokes for a diffused look.
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Step 5:
Lastly, add Pley Things in Nudie to the inner corner of the eyes creating a soft, dreamy effect.
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