Modern Muse

High-spirited on the outside, punk rock on the inside. Think modern-day rockstar. You’re a force to be reckoned with and the ultimate life of the party! 

Founder Peyton List shows us how she channels her inner Modern Muse. Watch and learn how to get this graphic liner eye look featuring Pleyer Palette in “Modern Muse”.

Get The Look:
Step 1:
Using an eyeliner like Let It Linger in shade "Boss", create a line starting at the corner of the eye. Connect the line at corner of the eye and follow the natural arch of lid.
Shop Let It Linger in Boss
Step 2:
Using a small flat brush, apply shade “Doll Parts” around the liner, following it as a guide.
Shop Pleyer Palette in Modern Muse
Step 3:
Diffuse using a clean, fluffy brush.
Step 4:
Apply shade “Champange Breakfast” (substitute "Revolution" in the video) to the entire eyelid, staying within the liner area.
Step 5:
Using a clean powder brush, brush away any excess fallout.