Love Child

When festival meets glam, it’s the ultimate love child of makeup heaven! Unapologetically bold, sweet yet sassy, and for sure pigmented. With Pleyer Palette in “Love Child”, create any look you can dream of with surprising day-to-night potential. 

Founder Peyton List shows us how she channels her inner Love Child. Watch and learn how to get this festival romantic eye look featuring Pleyer Palette in “Love Child”.

Get The Look:
Step 1:
Build shadow on outer corners of the eye using shade “Ultra Violet”. Take time to pack on color.
Step 2:
With a clean brush, diffuse the edges of the shadow.
Step 3:
Apply shade “Ultra Violet” to the lower lash line. This helps to create a wrap effect around the eyes.
Step 4:
Diffuse the outer corner using shade “Aerosol” as a transition shade.
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Step 5:
Continue to apply shade “Aerosol” to the center of the eye.
Step 6:
In the inner tear duct, apply shade “Rose Quartz”.
Step 7:
Play up your look by applying Pley Things! On one eye, apply gems under the eye. On the other eye, apply gems over the eye. This helps to create overall balance.
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