Inspired by the fluid movement and creative freedom of watercolor, this rainbow gradient eye look is your daily reminder to always pley. 

You are the artist and Pley Beauty is your paint. Forget perfection! Get messy, get bold, get creative. Pley on!

Get The Look:
Step 1:
Apply Let It Linger eyeliner in shade “Denim” to the outer corners of the eye and bring it halfway up to the brow bone.
Shop Let It Linger in Denim
Step 2:
Next, grab a flat eyeshadow brush and blend the eyeliner out with shade “High Tide”. (PRO TIP: Let It Linger has some strong staying power! You’ll want to blend out the eyeliner within the first 15 seconds after applying.)
Shop Pleyer Palette in Lovechild
Step 3:
This is the fun part! Pick any shade your heart desires from the Love Child palette and apply each color one by one next to each other. (PRO TIP: You might want to use an eyeshadow brush per color or simply clean your brush before moving on to the next shade.)
Step 4:
Blend each shade out until it’s soft and diffused. Work your way around the eyelid and crease, all the way up to the eyebrows if desired. 
Step 5:
To define the eyes, apply Let it Linger in shade “Firewood” to the top and bottom lash line.
Shop Let It Linger in Firewood
Step 6:
Apply Pley Date in shade “Femme” right underneath the brow bones as a highlight. (PRO TIP: You can also use this as an eyeshadow base for any of our shimmer shades like “Rose Quartz”.)
Shop Pley Date in Femme
Step 7:
To finish off your look, apply One-Stop-Pop in shade “First Hello” to the cheekbones.
Shop One-Stop-Pop in First Hello
Step 8:
Lastly, top off your lips with Lust + Found in shade "Ava".
Shop Lust + Found in Ava