Get this frosty blue-hue eye look with Founder Peyton List...

Get The Look:
Step 1:
Apply Let-It-Linger Gel Pencil in the shade "Denim" to outer corner of the lids.
Step 2:
Take a clean brush and blend the edges of the liner for a soft, smokey appearance.
Step 3:
Apply to inner bottom lash line + blend edges as before. This creates the base for a halo eye effect.
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Step 4:
Using the Love Child Palette in the shade "High Tide", apply shadow on top of liner and crease. Apply the same shade to the bottom lash line, avoiding the center.
Step 5:
Apply shade "Rose Quartz" to the top center of the lid and the bottom center lash line. Blend this layer as well.
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Step 6:
Finish the look with our Lust+Found Lip Lacquer in the shade "Ethel."
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